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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sulam kerawang ayak@goyang

A shout out to my fellow embroiderers........

Today I am posting about the exquisite art of sulam kerawang ayak@goyang.. I think it is becoming a dying art in this 21st century. The demographical trend changes, the scarce availability of expert embroiderers added with the lack of exposure have lead to sulam kerawang ayak@goyang taking a back seat in the fashion industry. I remember back in the days when my mother used to proudly adorn an intricate sulam kerawang on her kebaya Nyonya  and  turned some heads (with admiration). Being someone from Melaka, kebaya Nyonya is the in thing to be wearing at weddings and get together. I know for a fact that now only a handful of expert embroiderers are still in this trade. And I for one would like to see this art to take center stage equally if not more than the art of beadings. I am among the few that still practising sulam kerawang ayak@goyang….
bahagian bawah baju

dijahit pada fabrik sutera Cina

hujung lengan

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