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Monday, April 25, 2011

Kek lapis Sarawak ( Layer cakes) for sale...

Kek lapis Sarawak/Layer cakes
Raya celebration will never be the same in my household without the presence of Sarawak layer cakes. These cakes are usually served in small cube pieces due to its richness, and kids/adults love to peel each layer while eating it.
It is my passion in baking for family and friends which later blossom into commercialization, with having a small scale home baked confectioneries and bakery that I am very much in love with. Currently, I am only offering the following flavours:-
  1. Prune layer cake (kek lapis prune)
  2. Asam manis/Haw Flakes layer cake (kek lapis asam manis/Haw flakes)
  3. Rainbow layer cake (kek lapis pelangi)
  4. Spice flavoured layer cake (kek lapis rempah)
  5. Cheese n chocolate layer cake (kek lapis keju n coklat)
  6. Chocolate layer cake (kek lapis coklat)
The sizes are in +250gm, +500gm, +1kg and +2kg. These layer cakes if kept refrigerated can last up to 6 months. Due to the fact that layer cakes require a large quantity of eggs and butter, added with the tropical climate we live in, I would insist on keeping it refrigerated all the time. You should take out the amount needed and return the rest back in the fridge.
Layer cakes are eaten on any occasion actually, however due to the intricate pattern, multi-layer, beautiful colors and the scarce availability have somehow led to most people having it on special celebrations only.

Prune layer cake

Haw flakes layer cake
The origin of this layer cakes was as far back as during the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia (to be more specific Borneo) which was later introduced to Sarawakian sometime in late eighties. What are neighbors for after all, right?
The process of making layer cakes required not only dedication but also your undivided attention and plenty of patience. You need to be willing to spend hours upon hours in the kitchen, sweating it (burning calories.. killing two birds with one stone) baking each spoonful layer at a time. It is not so much of the degree of difficulties but rather really testing your patience.
Layer cakes have been gaining popularity around the world at a rapid speed and it will definitely be around for a long long time for sure. I will be adding more images in the future. So stay with me you guys…..

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