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Mai Style is about my passion for bead works (jahitan manik), embroideries (sulaman ayak, sulaman ayak kerawang) and confectioneries (kek, roti, dll). For more info contact me at my email add mai_shopgirl@yahoo.com, my facebook or my facebook fan page.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Jahitan manik + sulaman berbiku-biku...............

Sulaman hujung baju dan baju (embroideries with beads)
There are some who likes to have a bit of both world… in some way they like having embroideries and added with beads to give volume all in good taste. So you will find the pictures I posted today show a very simple embroideries and bead works that I did to meet such demand. A bit of this…a bit of that…
You could have them on the sleeves and at the bottom of your blouse, baju kurung, baju kebaya and baju kurung moden. There is endless number of pattern that I have created; unfortunately I neglected to record them.



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