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Mai Style is about my passion for bead works (jahitan manik), embroideries (sulaman ayak, sulaman ayak kerawang) and confectioneries (kek, roti, dll). For more info contact me at my email add mai_shopgirl@yahoo.com, my facebook or my facebook fan page.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thai Silk baju kurung Pahang sulaman & manik..(shimmering embroideries)...

Datin Liza’s Thai silk Kurung Pahang…….
To be continued…………
Now here is the much talked about blue Thai silk with matching tea/moss green chiffon shawl. It was originally supposed to be embroidered just on the sleeves but was later swayed towards full heavy embroideries…meaning neck, sleeves and bottom, accompanied with beading works. The whole nine yards!!!!!!!!!!....

Baju kurung Pahang made from Thai silks material or any plain fabrics are an excellent candidate for embroidery machine. For the lack of a better world…..it’s a match made in heaven. Thai silk/cotton/linen fabric can withstand the vigorous needle works and the stretching/pulling actions while applying the rim as well as having minimal breakage from constant threading…such robust materials. Truth of the matter is, if I was given a plain fabric, it’s like a kid was given a piece of art paper and a box of crayons….. Thousands of possibilities, ideas popping in and out of my head, then my heart would start racing and everything soon die out the moment I commit on a particular design in my head and transfer them onto the fabric. I mean some people like to trace a specific pattern onto the cloths….but that’s not how I function. I am more of a free-spirited, free-styling, fly by the moment type of person when it comes to doing embroideries and that goes the same to my bead works too. If you ever meet me, you will see that I draw designs on pieces of papers the moment I see you. There was never one pattern fits all….. It’s one pattern for each client with variations…..

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