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Mai Style is about my passion for bead works (jahitan manik), embroideries (sulaman ayak, sulaman ayak kerawang) and confectioneries (kek, roti, dll). For more info contact me at my email add mai_shopgirl@yahoo.com, my facebook or my facebook fan page.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crumble effect....(Crumblelitiously Demure)

Crumblelitiously Demure…
I had to pull an all nighters on this piece because I lost track of time due to watching Amazing Race marathon.. So I gathered all the strengths, summoned all the mighty and many sore backs later, I accomplished the task..Now three down, five more to go. 
This is yet another crumble style that I called Crumblelitiously Demure. It belongs to this wonderful lady from Terengganu and she is my ultimate follower. I have been doing her beadings and embroideries works for over 8 years; I lost count on how many dresses and what designs along the way.. So, today’s posting is a dedication to her… Thanks for your wonderful support Shin…

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