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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kebaya Labuh sulam kerawang...

Sulam kerawang ayak@goyang
Owning a piece of exquisite embroideries on you kebaya or baju kurung is similar to possessing a precious gem in that it is a treasure without making a huge dent in your pocket. A piece of sulam kurung/kebaya should be made mandatory as official attire similar to batik, if I were to have my way. Well at least it should be in every Malaysian’s (female) closet.
There are similarities between batik and embroideries, as they both are symbols of our culture, our heritage and identity. I am dreaming for the day that we make Kebaya/Kurung Sulaman as one of the official attire next to Batik.
This piece I am showing today is from a Thai silk fabric for the top and a Balinese batik for the sarung to give a rustic look.  
Japanese glass beads are added

have a look at this gorgeous embroidery 

really stunning

loving it

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