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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Metallic thread embroideries (sulaman benang emas)...

Sulaman benang emas (Sparkle thread embroideries)
Gold threads are usually used in embroideries to give instant glitter especially when light is being reflected by it, without the hassle of stitching beads. These metallic embroideries threads are actually not really Gold or Silver but a thin metal strip coated in colours similar to gold or silver. The end result would usually appear to be a bit stiff in comparison if you are using the common rayon or polyester thread.
gold thread used to outline the pattern

This images I am posting are showing a piece of kurung moden that used Gold metallic embroideries thread around the existing pattern for a bit of glitter. It belongs to Cik Una, a final year Architecture student from UIA and she will be wearing it during her upcoming final presentation. I wish her and her colleagues all the best of luck.

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